Friday, 23 September 2011

Paolo Roversi For Vogue Italia Supplement Sep 2011

For Vogue Italia’s September 2011 supplement Paolo Roversi photographed Frida Gustavsson, Jac Jagaciak and Kristina Salinovic wearing the Fall Couture collections of Valentino,  Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Atelier Versace, with a beautiful styling job by Lori Goldstein.

Ann-Sofie Back S/S 2012

Despite her more experimental construction techniques and unconventional use of organza Ann-Sofie Back’s S/S 2012 retained a sophisticated simplicity that easy to absorb. The collection was all very wearable. In some of the looks she took what seemed to be very simple patterns and used shoe string belts to gather or create closures that gave the pieces a very unexpected finish.


Lenny Kravitz by Steven Pan for The Block

Magazine: The Block
Issue: Fall Winter 2011.12
Featuring Star: Lenny Kravitz
Stylist: James Worthington-DeMolet |Frankreps|
Photographer: Steven Pan
After the yesterday featured cover view the corresponding story of The Block magazine's Fall Winter edition featuring Lenny Kravitz in a shoot by photographer Steven Pan. 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

ElevenParis Fall Winter 2011.12

Ad Campaign/Lookbook: ElevenParis
Season: Fall Winter 2011.12
Models: Ash Stymest, Alexandra Richards, Theodora Richards
Photographer: Sune Czajkowski
Top model Ash Stymest joined by Alexandra Richards and Theodora Richards pose for Sune Czajkowski's Eleven Paris shoot. For more of the campaign/lookbook continue after the jump:



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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

MORE ON MY MALE COLLECTION..Read more for more pics


I was at a Lounge on Friday, and from where I sat, I yelled WAITER! To my surprise he wasn't appealing, Oh God, I wished I was never there.What happen to that cute, smart looking young man, serving me drinks, I wonder what Nigeria is turning into..smh. Well I decided to take a break on movies and do something about it during the weekend, before I hate

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I have been working on a smart male collection for a while now, but I decided to keep it on a low key, but I thought about it today to give you a brief of what to expect.  I tried to inspire myself, not in the spirit of the latest trend, but in how my symbols could come to life on a human body. As you can see I only released few of my male collections for now, in the meantime I leave you with some of the shots.

Do you have an event coming up, you need a designer to style you, Do you own a model agency, are you an event planner, Do you own a cocktail company. Call me, I think I have some designs that can convey your key message and value.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


There are some things in life that we want and then those that we need. Often, it’s challenging to draw a line between the two and that’s when labels like these help in assisting our dilemmas.
WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie is a retreat for men who are chasing premium quality leather goods. The classic, minimalist designs are as luxurious as men’s accessories could possibly get. The sharp leather cut with contrasting metal zipper makes every piece in this collection a fashionable travel necessity. Because that’s what travelling is about, finding out who you are, but also sustaining a bold style statement during that journey.

2012 Color Trends/ 2012 Fashion Trends

Yes, we’re talking about the foundation of any season’s collections: the colours and hues that underlie them, shape them, and eventually come to define them

Even though the year isn’t over, most of 2011′s trends have come be to defined. As such, we can already get a good feel for some of the elements that we’ll carry through into next year as fashion trends. After the break you’ll find the beginning of a list of those trends, including the elements that will come to influence their formation.


I have this tendency to disappear from activity for long periods of time. I don't know how and I don't know why because frankly, I sit around and do nothing. Except recently I started watching GLEE Season 2.
That was a random and unnecessary fact that you really didn't need to know.

Sometime ago, I was fortunate to be at the exquisite fashion party against cancer.
Obviously I didn’t exhibit my collections because I wasn’t aware of it on time.
I still think you don’t really need all the explanation. Why don’t we just get down to business.
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GROUP Costumes and so on.
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Though 2011 will see us move still further from the economic woes of recent history, don’t expect a massive change in the tangent of fashion: the major excesses of the last decade are gone, and 2011 will see us, rightfully, continue on with a drive of subtle consumption mixed with obvious quality. 2011 fashion trends will accommodate the fact that we’ll be buying less but spending more. That means less bland, and more quality. Fewer indulgences, but better statement pieces.

And what will those statements pieces and trends for 2011 be? follow my blog OR twitter


If I were you, and I don't even know who you are, (you could very well be a cross-dressing plumber for all I know), I would probably wear this ensemble above to somewhere that looks like this:

ticket please?


I know, i know, you see something recent.
I decided to add my new feature to my blog.(because i’ve really been sticking to the old ones) which is basically how I would style a look.
What kind of look, you ask? I wouldn’t know. You be the judge.
It’ll obviously differ from week to week.  But you knew that already.
I felt the unnecessary need to reassure you. 

As you can see, my styling has slowly transitioned from total traditional looking attire to something NEW.....No kidding.

Wiry Heels, Jewellery and statement attire. In this case it's the attire.
You can't go wrong with stand-out accessories, and attire. The models are my best friends.
Just to make it clear, I do have real friends.

If you need a special attire or design for a special event, drop me a message at my email . And i'll make sure you get your self on the cover page of