Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I know, i know, you see something recent.
I decided to add my new feature to my blog.(because i’ve really been sticking to the old ones) which is basically how I would style a look.
What kind of look, you ask? I wouldn’t know. You be the judge.
It’ll obviously differ from week to week.  But you knew that already.
I felt the unnecessary need to reassure you. 

As you can see, my styling has slowly transitioned from total traditional looking attire to something NEW.....No kidding.

Wiry Heels, Jewellery and statement attire. In this case it's the attire.
You can't go wrong with stand-out accessories, and attire. The models are my best friends.
Just to make it clear, I do have real friends.

If you need a special attire or design for a special event, drop me a message at my email jenibaki@gmail.com . And i'll make sure you get your self on the cover page of OVATION...lol..

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